A guide to divorce for the kind of young
and still kind of hot…

Hey you.

Yes, you.  The one curled up on the couch crying into a ginormous glass (read: bottle) of wine, stuffing chocolate into your face and stalking your Ex on Insta after a shitty divorce or break up. Put the phone down and the chocolate away… (It’s OK the wine can stay).

Listen up. Beverly Ligman’s first book, Welcome to D-Town is here to help you deal with life after divorce and get back on the other ‘D’ horse (the dating kind – get your mind out of the gutter!).

It offers guidance* on how to deal with your own break-up or divorce trauma, including handy advice, tips and tricks to help you navigate the eight stages of divorce.

*Like how NOT to wake up with kebab in your hair next to some random dude who’s name you don’t remember

About the Book

Get over your divorce or break up

Beverly Ligman has seen her share of heartbreak. She was inspired to write Welcome To D-Town after a particularly shitty divorce back in 2014 (OK so… her BFF Nic may have helped come up with the idea).

This book is available to buy in eBook and hard copy and is perfect for anyone who has had their heart broken by a break-up or divorce.

It contains LOTS of handy hints like:

  • How to spot a player
  • How to avoid thinking that guy/gal at the bar you’ve just met 27 champagnes down is your future 2nd (or 3rd) wife/husband
  • How to navigate insensitive comments from friends (“OMG {Your Ex’s Name} was such a douche – I’ve always hated him!”).

It also includes handy tips and tricks

(For example: you will need lots of Champagne. Buy in bulk), as well as hard hitting reality checks about what you think each stage looks like (you, hot to trot and being chased by boys) versus what it actually looks like (you, curled up on the couch crying into a bottle of wine… didn’t I tell you to put that down?!)

This book is your essential guide to dealing with the drama and devastation of break-ups and divorce. Always there to listen, non-judgey and totes understanding of your need to drink lots, hook up often and cry a lot. It’ll make you laugh. It might make you cry but it will help you get through this crappy time, heal and maybe… even love again.

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I just signed the paperwork for my divorce yesterday and this book couldn’t have come at a better time. I don’t know if we were married to the same guy or what? (wouldn’t bloody surprise me!) but everything you have written is so relatable! Thank you so much.
Fits in your handbag and totally forgiving if you don’t leave the house or shower for days on end.
Like having your BFF on hand 24/7 in the form of a book. So funny, heartwarming and also helpful.
I love it, love it…LOVE IT! Your best friend sounds AH-mazing. I heard she's really pretty too.

About Beverly...

The Author

Beverly Ligman has had a successful career in the newspaper, magazine and publishing industry working for Fairfax Media, News Ltd, WA Newspapers, Premium Publishers and a number of other media outlets in Australia and London.

These days she works as a PR & Media Consultant helping lifestyle brands such as Moët Hennessy, local governments and property groups navigate an ever-changing PR and media landscape.

Beverly is also the co-founder of The Style Trust (www.thestyletrust.net) a website aimed at sharing fashion, beauty, lifestyle and relationship advice and news to women who believe life can be fabulous after forty.

Welcome to D-Town is Beverly Ligman’s first book.